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Business Symposium


The 2017 Business Symposium is coming soon!!!! Save the date for:

FEBRUARY 11, 2017

Click here to RSVP by February 3rd.

We can’t wait to see you there!

This year’s schedule:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly is this Business Symposium? Should I go?

YES!! Everyone should attend! It’s never too early to start learning about all that you will need to know before you graduate!! This event covers topics such as keeping yourself out of trouble (malpractice/risk management), finances (financial plans, loan repayment), how to integrate technology into your practice, whether you should consider corporate dentistry, interviewing tips, hiring staff, important numbers to know, what should be included in an office manual, and much more!! This is an annual event, but the topics vary from year to year. There will never be another year exactly like this year! Attending this event each year will really equip you with valuable information to be successful in the field of dentistry!

If the event can earn up to 6CE credits for D3 & D4 UF students, is that 3CE per session?

 Almost. The morning session has a total of 2.5CE credits available. The afternoon has a total of 3.5CE credits.

What do I put for "organization" on the registration if I am not an ASDA member?

 If you are not an ASDA member you may list “UF Class of 20–“, “Resident”, “UF Predental”, etc. This section helps us organize our registration process.

Is the food like "for real" or is it just a doughnut hole?

The breakfast is sponsored by the FDA and will be catered by Panera. It will include bagels, cream cheese, pastries, fresh fruit, OJ, and coffee. Lunch is sponsored by Stan Stewart. It is still TBD. Most likely it will be Publix subs or similar.

What is the dress code?

The dress code is Business Professional Casual.

How much is it again?

This event is FREE for all UF ASDA members (UFCD ASDA and UF National ASDA predents). For non-members this event is ONLY $10!! That really is a steal!! Especially considering you’ll receive both breakfast & lunch!! (If you stay all day). Note: The price is $10 regardless of whether or not you stay all day. We ask which session you plan to attend for our planning purposes.

When is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register is FEBRUARY 3rd! But please don’t wait until the deadline!!! You may forget and end up missing out!! I’d truly hate for that to happen to you!  Register now at: http://goo.gl/forms/8IM96oLiayetXgJD2